Piano Instructors of Northern Westchester as connected hundreds of families with great piano teachers for over 15 years. Since 2002 we have been specialized in helping families find skilled and trusted instructors who are able to travel to the home. Even though we don't have a physical location or studios, our students are connected through frequent recitals, as well as group classes and outreach performing opportunities.

Here are some of the reasons why our students stay with us for many years, some for over a decade.


All of our associates are carefully screened. We are very selective and only recommend teachers with Master's degrees (or above) and at least 10 years or more teaching experience.  In addition, all teachers hold certification in one or more early childhood methodologies, including Suzuki, Kodaly, and others.


Our associates follow their own syllabus, but should you need to switch teachers for any reason, you can be assured that your child will enjoy a seamless transition. Piano Instructors of Northern Westchester is also a teacher member of The Music Development Program and adheres to the RCM (Royal Conservatory) piano curriculum among others.


All of our associates are highly organized. Your child will always know exactly what and how to practice. Our online calendar enables parents to check on their personal lesson schedule and view events such as recitals. And all students receive automated email reminders for all lessons and events.


One of the most important aspects of motivation is a sense of responsibility to a community. Piano Instructors of Northern Westchester holds three student recitals per year at some of Westchester's top performance spaces, including Purchase College and various locations with great pianos. We encourage all students, even beginners to come and perform at each and every recital.

Easy & Convenient

Our instructors are available to come to your home, or you can come to one of several studios around Westchester.

Room To Grow

Want to change instructors? change instruments? change to a shorter or longer lesson? Piano Instructors of Northern Westchester has many instructors that can handle any level of student, from the youngest beginner to experienced college graduates, and professional musicians. Many of our associates are college professors, and teach at the highest levels up to post-graduate music education. Through partnerships with Westchester's premiere music institutions we can offer great teachers for any instrument. In addition, all of our associates are capable of offering additional subjects such as theory, ear training, solfege, composition, counterpoint, history and analysis.


Students need motivation, and recognition of their efforts. Our students consistently place highest in local, state and national competitions and festivals. We endorse NYSSMA for state recognition, and Music Achievement Program for international/national recognition. At the higher levels, MAP scores are eligible for high school credit and are invaluable qualifications for college applications in any subject.


Associates that can teach in other languages may be available. This can prove to be a great advantage to students living in this country but who are not native English speaking. Currently we offer lessons in Italian and Japanese. Please inquire for lessons in other languages which may be available.

Our Guarantee

Your lessons are guaranteed. If your instructor becomes unavailable, a new instructor is provided subject to your approval. If the instructor is not suitable, another one may be tried, or a full refund of all lessons not yet taken is given.