Piano Lessons in "Old Greenwich, CT"

We found 6 programs(s) available in "Old Greenwich, CT":

Piano for Adults

You are never too old to learn the piano! At PINW we encourage students of all ages to try piano lessons, and see how you like it. We've never had a student who wasn't successful at their lessons, and have seen profound growth for students starting anywhere from ages 18 - 80.

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Jazz Piano

If you love Jazz and want to learn piano, PINW can provide an experienced Jazz piano teacher to come to your home, or you can attend lessons at the instructor's studio if one is available and close enough to you.

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Popular Piano/Keyboards

Our popular and rock piano/keyboards program is designed for players who want to perform or compose music in the rock and pop genres.

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Music Composition

The PINW Music Composition program is a comprehensive curriculum designed to help budding composers develop their craft, and when required establish a diverse and refined portfolio of compositions to use for college applications.

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Piano For Kids & Teens

Our Piano for Kids & Teens program comprises a traditional piano curriculum for students ages 7 and up. What makes our program different than just taking regular piano lessons is that the instructors know how to handle the unique needs of students who start at a later age.

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Elite Piano Performance

Managed by Stefano Miceli, our Elite Piano Performance program pairs talented and accomplished students with world class pianists and educators to take the student's skills and motivation to a whole new level.

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We found 2 instructor(s) available for in-home lessons in "Old Greenwich, CT":

Gregg Sulzer

Gregg Sulzer is a drummer, composer and piano player. He has been teaching and playing music since graduating from Purchase College with a BFA in Music Composition, after starting out in the Percussion Performance program.

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Stefano Miceli

Stefano Miceli is a world reknown conductor and pianist based in New York. He has successfully played and conducted at Carnegie Hall, Berliner Philharmonie, Sydney Opera House, Gewandhaus Leipzig, Forbidden City Concert, Hall Beijing, Arts Center Melbourne, Donizetti Opera House, Bellini Opera House, Bangkok, Rome and Milan theatres, as well as the Ravello Festival.

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